Rural Healthcare

Healthcare is a constant struggle for all of our families. Deductibles are being increased to points that normal Missourians can’t afford to be sick. People are making decisions based on what they can afford, not what is best for them. Erich supports expansions to Medicaid and Medicare and investing in options like on-demand remote medical care to help bring America in line with options that are available to the rest of the industrial world.

Rural Infrastructure

It is time for the federal government to invest in infrastructure projects that benefit Rural Missouri. Erich will introduce a bill to improve our roads and bridges and internet infrastructure. This will bring good-paying jobs back to our home towns and allow all of us to have access to opportunities such as e-commerce and working remotely.

Rural Poverty

Nearly 1 in 5 people in our district live in poverty, about the same number are food insecure. Erich will introduce legislation that will bring 21st-century training to our district that will give Missourians the opportunities they deserve. Erich will also defend the safety nets that we have in place so that even our most humble can live with dignity.

Rural Education

Our rural schools are in the midst of a downward spiral. Federal funds have been steadily decreasing. This decrease in funding is exacerbated in rural areas due to the already shrinking tax base. Erich will introduce legislation that will allocate more federal funds to help rural schools through teacher’s grants and capital improvements.

Labor Fairness

Missourians value fair play in the workplace. We also believe that as employees, we should be able to ensure that we are being fairly compensated for our labor. Erich supports our ability to form unions and negotiate collectively with our employers.

Tax Fairness

Erich believes in what is fair, and what is right. Large multinational corporations are taking resources from our communities and are not compensating us with their fair share of taxes. They use our aquifers, our roads, and our infrastructure while expecting us to pick up the tab for them. Erich is going to hold them to the same standards that we are held.